About Us

Welcome to BitGratitude. We’re Glad You’re Here!

There’s a story behind every invention and the unsung heroes who save the day through endless effort and creative thinking. Getting to know our story and delve into the minds of the people behind our creation, will help shed light on the endless effort and thinking that went into our software.

Here, you can meet the characters that helped bring the story of BitGratitude to life. If you want to learn more about us and our trading software, then continue reading!

Who Are We?

The idea of creating BitGratitude was fueled by the concept of independence that cryptocurrency advocates, and we set out to create a product that would foster independence and confidence in traders. We strived for simplicity so that even traders, who are just beginning their crypto journey, would not be bothered by the jargon out there.

Therefore, we set out to create a trading app that was universally appealing and applicable to help make cryptocurrency trading that much better. Through continuous learning and development, our team helped bring our vision to life, and we're still learning and developing because we want to remain relevant and innovative for as long as possible.

People from all walks of life have put valuable ideas into this app to help make our product a tool to enable big picture thinking. Through many stages of testing our team has managed to develop an app that can help you make better decisions when trading.

Finally, after many moons, and going back to the drawing board, we bring you the much anticipated BitGratitude app, and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy using it just as much as we enjoyed developing it! This trading software is now available for everyone who wants to plan for their next trading strategy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create greater independence through simple and secure products that allow customers to enjoy their experience while navigating through the sometimes complex world of cryptocurrency.

What’s Next?

Now that BitGratitude is finally here, our software hopes to stay ahead of the game. We don't need to bother you with complex terminology but rest assured we're intuitive and our testers will continue to improve to meet the needs of our valued traders.

Sit tight and we’ll soon reveal our upcoming changes to BitGratitude!